(kevin Conrans) the Art of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Hc – by Kevin Conran (Hardcover) Price


(kevin Conrans) the Art of Sky Captain Description:

(kevin Conrans) the SKY CAPTAIN and THE WORLD OF TOMORROW burst into the sky and onto theater screens in 2004. With it came groundbreaking methods and techniques that would change the way movies were made. The real story behind the film began many years earlier and in Kevin Conrans Art of Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow fans will be treated to behind-the-scenes stories marking the movies unique journey to the screen. As the first of its kind this landmark film embraced the look and feel of the old serials even as it pushed the boundaries of modern filmmaking technology. The film would inspire a whole new generation of creators eager to adopt its innovative techniques–techniques that are now commonplace in every studio in Hollywood and around the world. Featuring the revolutionary artistic contributions of the films principle visual architect this stunning collection of Kevin Conrans trailblazing illustrations and designs includes incomplete unpublished and never-before-seen work. This comprehensive retrospective is the first official collection of the films artwork sourced from Kevin Conrans private collection and spanning over 20 years of the movies history. (kevin Conrans) the Art of Sky Captain