101 Kids Activities That Are the Ooey Gooey-Est Ever! – by Jamie Harrington & Brittanie Pyper & Holly Homer (Paperback) Top


101 Kids Activities That Are the Ooey Description:

101 Kids Activities OMG! Frog vomit kinetic sand magnetic slime…This book is every kids dream. Simple ingredients and easy clean up make it every moms dream. Whats not to love? Get ready for hours and hours of fun. –Melissa Bourbon national bestselling author teacher and mom of 5 My thirteen-year-old daughter who considers herself a slime connoisseur said Some of the most creative slimes Ive ever seen! and I couldnt agree more. This book is a must-buy for any parent who wants to be a superhero for their child. –Elana Johnson USA Today bestselling author of Love In Lavender Brilliant! There is no better activity for kids than messy ooey gooey fun. This is the go-to resource for parents teachers and caregivers everywhere for the best sensory play recipes around! –Dayna Abraham author of The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day The recipes in this book use household ingredients a little science and amazing creativity to generate endless fun! –Heather Petty author of the Lock and Mori trilogy Tactile-based play is one of the best ways for kids to explore their creativity and it promotes learning language development motor skills and social/emotional growth. 101 Kids Activities That Are the Ooey Gooey-est Ever is a terrific book full of tactile experiments that kids will love. –Elena Epstein National Parenting Product Awards Director 101 Kids Activities That Are the Ooey