15 Beautiful Charcuterie Boards to Make Your Presentation Picture-Perfect

1 week ago

Anything with fancy cheese, bite-sized desserts, and cured meats is sure to get my attention. That's why this former Lunchables-loving millennial is a huge charcuterie board fan. I mean, you can make one for Halloween, for breakfast, and even for toddlers. But, before you start planning your theme and gathering your wine pairings (because wine is most definitely required), there is one basic thing you need first: the actual charcuterie board. While you technically can use any serving tray, cutting board, or even plate to make your creation, it's much more fun to use a beautiful, unique charcuterie board. I've narrowed it down to 15 of my favorites you can buy right now. Because, everyone knows the presentation is, like, 90% of the fun.


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