15 Comfy Banana Republic Pants That Still Look Stylish (With Not a Zipper in Sight!)

5 days ago

If you've been living in sweats and loungewear for the last year, you're definitely not alone. After all, once you go all-in on elastic waistbands, even your favorite pair of jeans can be a tough sell. However, when you need - or want - to look a bit more polished, pants are the perfect go-to, and slip-on versions are a creative compromise to buttoned-up alternatives.Because it could be said that zippers are so 2019, we picked out 15 pairs of proper pants from Banana Republic that are both comfy and cute. Each of these can be dressed up or down, and don't just include cotton leggings or joggers as there are cashmere, satin, and sequined choices, too. Say hello to pull-on pants and check out our favorites ahead.

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