7 x 10 Party Floral Outdoor Rug Taupe – Opalhouse Top


7 x 10 Party Floral Outdoor Rug Description:

7 x 10 Bring playful floral vibes to your outdoor space with this Party Floral Outdoor Rug from Opalhouse™. Featuring a lovely floral print on a solid backdrop this outdoor accent rug is the perfect way to protect your patio while giving it a style refresh. Perfect for placing in high-traffic area its thin and flat design accompanied by latex backing makes it easier to clean and maintain while creating secure footing. This is your house. Where you create spaces as bold as your spirit. Collect objects as inspired as your dreams. Find pieces that remind you of every place you’ve been. Discover stories to inspire everywhere you have yet to go. This is Opalhouse™. Size: 7X10. Color: Taupe. 7 x 10 Party Floral Outdoor Rug