A Dreadful Fairy Book Volume 1 – (Those Dreadful Fairy Books) by Jon Etter (Hardcover) Reviews


A Dreadful Fairy Book Volume 1 – Description:

A Dreadful Fairy The author of this dreadful tale one Mr. Jon Etter grew up in his local library in Forrest Illinois (Population 1200 and some dogs) and eventually migrated north to Wisconsin where he has taught high school English for the past twenty years. When not teaching or attempting to domesticate his two children Jon has written a number of proper tales–mostly fantasy–for The London Journal of Fiction The Singularity The Great Tome of Forgotten Relics and Artifacts and other venues. A Dreadful Fairy Book is his first novel for kids and hes loved every minute of working on it that wasnt spent with Quentin Q. Quacksworth whom Jon describes as the opposite of fun although he does enjoy how annoyed Quacksworth gets when referred to as Triple Q or Q Cubed. In his storied 43-year career as a professional narrator Quentin Quigley Quacksworth has worked on many wonderful proper pieces of literature. His greatest regret professional or personal is his involvement with Jon Etter whom he describes as a pugnacious purveyor of puerile prose and A Dreadful Fairy Book which he strongly urges publishers parents teachers and librarians to keep out of the hands of children. A Dreadful Fairy Book Volume 1 –