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A German Military Official Who Said It Was ‘Easy’ To Give Putin The Respect He ‘Deserves’ Has Resigned |Latest News


On Saturday, Germany’s navy chief resigned after saying that Crimea would never return to Ukraine and implying that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be treated with greater respect.

“They correspond in no way with the official position of the ministry of defense,” Vice-Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach said, according to CNN. His remarks reflected his personal opinion “at that moment.

The comments, he said, were “increasingly weighing on my office,” which led him to resign from his position as German ambassador to the EU and NATO.

He asked German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht to relieve him of his duties “immediately,” CNN reported on Saturday.

Schönbach’s remarks about Russian President Vladimir Putin also sparked outrage.

“What exactly does Russia have an interest in… other than a very, very small sliver of Ukrainian land? This isn’t true, “Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, Schönbach said, according to CNN. Schönbach said.

A German Military Official Who Said It Was ‘Easy’ To Give Putin The Respect He ‘Deserves’ Has Resigned |Latest News

‘Concessions’ on Russia by Vice President Biden’smell weak to Putin’, according to McCaul.

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Embassies in Ukraine have been ordered to expel the families of their employees from the country.
“He only wants to be treated with respect. And, by golly, showing someone respect is cheap or even free… so, if pressed, I’d gladly accord him the deference he so rightfully demands and, quite possibly, deserves “Putin was also mentioned by him.

“There’s a long history to Russia. Russia is a significant nation. In order to counter China, even we, India and Germany, need Russia, which is why we need Russia “Moreover, he stated.

During this time, tensions between Ukraine and Russia, which have amassed over 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, have risen. The United States and its allies have been warning for weeks of a possible military attack and threatening severe sanctions if Russian troops cross the border.

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