A Guinea Pig Christmas Carol – (Guinea Pig Classics) by Charles Dickens & Tess Newall & Alex Goodwin (Hardcover) Buy


A Guinea Pig Christmas Carol – (Guinea Description:

A Guinea Pig Like a comfortable armchair upon which you might read one of these tiny masterpieces the success of the series–and let there be no doubt that it is a triumph–rests on four points: the iconic but charming literature upon which each book is based; the unwavering cuteness of the guinea pigs; the delightful styling of each photograph with costumes by Newall; the sparse brevity of Goodwins adaptations that preserve the essence the aesthetic and the language of the original. –Los Angeles Review of Books A sweet take on Shakespeares tragic love story . . . Fully illustrated with guinea pigs in costumes worthy of The Globe Theatre in London this book is definitely not one to miss. –BookTrib on A GUINEA PIG ROMEO and JULIET We thought Pride and Prejudice couldnt get much better–then we saw lines from Jane Austens classic novel paired with some seriously dapper rodents. –EW.com on A GUINEA PIG PRIDE and PREJUDICE This may be the definitive version of Pride and Prejudice. If they could get War and Peace down to this length it would be a service to mankind. –Salman Rushdie on A GUINEA PIG PRIDE and PREJUDICE An entirely new adorably hilarious take on the classic story . . . This affectionate quietly dramatic homage is the perfect gift for Austen-philes Austen-newbies guinea-pig aficionados and anyone who appreciates a tale well told. –BookPage on A GUINEA PIG PRIDE and PREJUDICE A Guinea Pig Christmas Carol – (Guinea