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Ageless Soul – After reading this beautifully and eloquently written book getting older seems much more like a blessing than a curse! Thomas Moore convinces us that we age best when we embrace our age live agelessly and remember every day to find the endless joy nestled inside our soul. – Dr. Rudolph E. Tanzi Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Neurology Harvard Medical School and New York Times bestselling author of Super Brain and Super Genes Destined to be a classic Ageless Soul brilliantly illuminates one of lifes most enduring mysteries: Why–and how–do we grow old? A pioneer pointing the way forward to a new world of aging Thomas Moore reveals the land beyond middle age as both a culmination of experience and a summons to adventure and exploration… A precious book to keep for ourselves and to give to friends and family of all generations Ageless Soul offers a richly textured vision of how in Moores own words to age well. – Pythia Peay author of American Icarus: A Memoir of Father and Family and America on the Couch: Psychological Perspectives on American Politics and Culture With warmth intimacy and rare depth of wisdom [Moore] guides his readers through each of [agings] stages. Grounded in years of psychological research and spiritual reflection on the human enterprise this wonderful book lays out for us what it is to live a full and creative life all the way to its end. This book should be read by everyone but especially by those for whom the very thought of aging is depressing. This book can change their minds. – Sister Joan Chittister author of The Gift of Years With Ageless Soul Thomas Moore extends a magnificent invitation to reflect grow up with joy and intention and give back with an open heart. Accept and pleasure follows. – Marc Freedman founder and CEO of and author of The Big Shift In this profound and moving meditation upon aging Thomas Moore offers us the keys to living well. Anyone facing the second half of life can gain from this lovely book a measure of wisdom and serenity. – Ralph White author of The Jeweled Highway Ageless Soul comes at a time when the world dearly needs a soul lift…Moores most crucial work to date and a must-read for contemplatives of all ages. – Southwest Journal Moore offers a guide to growing old and accepting who we are while seeking joy contentment and fulfillment in our final season of life. – BookPage This gentle book filled with specific suggestions and thought-provoking examples will be inspiring to older readers and a comfort to their caregivers. – Booklist starred review Ageless Soul – by Thomas Moore (Paperback)