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Agendas Stalled, Ratings Sink as Republicans’ Lawlessness Calls Resound


Officer Sumit Sulan was requested to stand during a visit to 1 Police Plaza, the headquarters of the New York Police Department in central Manhattan, by Vice President Joe Biden, who thanked him for his courage. In a domestic fight in Harlem earlier this month, the rookie officer shot and killed a man who had previously slain two of his coworkers before being shot and killed himself.

The deaths of Jason Rivera, 22, and Wilbert Mora, 27, were among numerous violent incidents that shook New York and tested its new mayor, former cop Eric Adams.

“I admire you all,” Biden remarked, accompanied by Adams and other political officials.

No, he continued, to cheers. “It’s to equip, train, and fund you to be partners and protectors.”

On his way to Queens, Biden visited with a violence intervention group and community leaders at Public School 111, where a classroom was adorned for Black History Month.

“We can’t just talk about violence and ignore student safety in schools,” K Bain, founder and executive director of Community Capacity Development, told the president.To reduce violence, Bain recommended a community-based strategy, which Biden agreed with.

The sessions at 1 Police Plaza and PS 111 highlighted the difficult public safety – and political – problem facing Democratic leaders from New York City to Washington, DC.

In response to the recurrent police killings of Black Americans and a history of racism in law enforcement, Democrats are under pressure to show they are aggressively addressing the issue, which people are increasingly concerned about.

Biden sent two messages in NYC. He vehemently opposed activist cries to “defund the police” that arose during the summer of racial justice rallies following the murder of George Floyd, and that Republicans are using to try to paint the president and his party as indifferent to public safety. But Biden wanted to show he was listening to – and even learning from – the pandemic-era violence-affected communities of color.




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