All My Goodbyes – by Mariana Dimópulos (Paperback) Reviews


All My Goodbyes – by Mariana Dimópulos Description:

All My Goodbyes A marvelously interior novel unique in its perceptions that traffics both in the joy of invention and the sorrow of memory.–Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) A fascinating kaleidoscope of regret.–Publishers Weekly Remarkable . . . The destabilizing sequence of events illuminates Dimópuloss commitment to portraying a new global citizenship characterized by interruption dispersal and disruption.–BOMB Scientific in its distance and philosophical in its insight All My Goodbyes is a marvelous introspective work.–Iowa Gazette [A] splintered novella about murders that haunt a girl in Patagonia. Dimópulos constructs time as fluid making the narrative structure of the book fragmented.–World Literature Today Mariana Dimópuloss wonderfully strange and addictive All My Goodbyes is narrated by a woman driven to abandon everything the moment it bes familiar. The scattered pieces of her story–each of them wonderfully distinct laced with insight violence and sensuality–cohere into a profound evocation of restlessness of the sublime and imprisoning act of letting go.–Julie Buntin author of Marlena How to describe the clear and mysterious force of Mariana Dimópuloss writing: the brief intensity; the compassionate irony; the grand themes viewed through the lens of a microscope; the recognition and exceeding of past traditions. Above all it is a writing gestated in unknown lands.–Esther Cross All My Goodbyes – by Mariana Dimópulos