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An Examination Into Whether Us Officials Aided Private Commercial Interests Has Led to a Lawsuit Against the State Department.

  • The NYT sued the State Department on Monday, asking it to hand over emails mentioning Hunter Biden.
  • Lawyers for The Times say the department is stalling giving them emails requested under FOIA.
  • The Times appears to be investigating whether officials helped businesses with links to the US government.

When the New York Times sued the State Department on Monday, it wanted access to emails that talked about President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, court documents show. The New York Times wants to see the emails.

Federal court documents show that lawyers for the New York Times filed a lawsuit in Manhattan on behalf of the newspaper. They want to see emails from the US embassy in Romania between 2015 and 2019 that include words like “Hunter Biden.”

Politico was the first to report that there was a lawsuit.

New York Times lawyers said the State Department was taking too long to respond to requests from a Times reporter under the Freedom of Information Act that were made in June. They said the State Department didn’t respond quickly enough.

It looked like the Times was looking into whether US officials gave private businesses political favours. FOIA requests, which were in the filings, show that.

Records about:

“The possible misuse of federal government resources to help and advance private businesses with connections to US government officials.”

It could be possible for private business interests to get around the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

Non-enforcement of FARA by the federal government for private business interests.

Vogel had also asked the State Department for emails with the words “Rudy Giuliani” and “Tony Bobulinski,” Hunter Biden’s former business partner, in the subject.
Donald Trump sent Giuliani to Ukraine before the 2020 election to look into Biden’s business history there.

It has been a long time coming for people who don’t like President Biden to find dirt about Hunter Biden from his business deals in China and Ukraine. Trump is one of them.

No evidence of corruption was found by GOP senators in November 2020 when they looked into it.

He said in December 2020 that the Justice Department was looking into his taxes because he worked in China and got a 2.8 carat diamond from an Asian businessman.

In October 2020, the New York Post said that it had found an email from an advisor working for Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company where Hunter Biden was a board member. In the email, the advisor thanked him for setting up a meeting with Joe Biden.
In Joe Biden’s words, the report was a “smear job.”

Asked by Insider, a rep for The New York Times said: “As part of their work, New York Times journalists often look for interesting information from a wide range of sources, including the US government through FOIA requests.
Our goal is to get any relevant documents from the government quickly, and we’re always ready to fight for them in court if we need to.”

One of the State Department’s spokespersons told Insider that they couldn’t talk about legal cases that were still going on.




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