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An Oklahoma County Detention Officer Was Arrested on Drug Charges |Viral News


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything like this in Oklahoma. For bringing contraband into the Oklahoma County Jail, a detention officer was arrested and detained.

Reagan Widener, a detention officer, was arrested on Tuesday and charged with multiple offenses, including possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute, and possession of a weapon, drugs, or alcohol while engaged in the commission of a felony. She was sacked from her job.

Widener had an unauthorized cell phone in his possession when the company conducted a routine search.

An Oklahoma County Detention Officer Was Arrested on Drug Charges |Viral News

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The officer was interviewed by the Special Investigative Unit, and it is alleged that she confessed to receiving $2,000 from an inmate in exchange for delivering tobacco and packages containing unknown drugs.

Investigators found 4.5 grams of marijuana, a loaded.380 handgun, and a digital scale in the officer’s vehicle.

Greg Williams, the CEO of the Oklahoma County Detention Center, emphasized the importance of stopping the flow of contraband into the jail for the safety of the detainees and staff members.

Proactive and vigilant: “We’ll keep up the good work.” Anyone who tries to bring in illegal goods will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, no matter who they are.

It is possible that more charges will be brought in the wake of this investigation. When more information becomes available, we’ll let you know.

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