Arches & Halos Micro Defining Brow Pencil Mocha Blonde – 0.003oz Buy


Arches & Halos Micro Defining Brow Pencil Description:

Arches & Halos Living in the details matter! Our retractable smudge proof long-wearing Micro Defining Brow Pencil is used to define and detail your brow. The ultra-thin lead is creamy and soft for easy application to create short hair like strokes to fill your brow. The unique formula of the product is highly pigmented to give your brow texture for a fuller brow. The spoolie is great for softening and blending harsh lines. This is a great mechanical pencil for those of you who have thin brows looking to make them fuller without looking over done. TIP: Beginning at the tip of your nostril use the pencil to measure from this point to the inner corner of your brow and mark a dot. Then the length of the brow is found by diagonally laying the pencil from the nose to the end corner of the eye and mark. Connect the dots on the lower line and repeat on the top. Its so easy with a little practice! You got this! Color: Mocha Blonde. Arches & Halos Micro Defining Brow Pencil