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Arizona Republican House Speaker Vetoes Bill to Reverse Election Results


According to Capitol Media Services, Bowers killed a bill that would have allowed the legislature to reverse elections.
The speaker, who favored former President Trump in the 2020 election, was wary of giving such broad powers to the president.
Conservatives campaigned for the bill because they wanted all ballots to be counted by hand.


According to Capitol Media Services, the Republican speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives effectively killed legislation that would have allowed the state legislature to overturn election results.


Last month, Republican state Rep. John Fillmore of Apache Junction introduced House Bill 2596, which would prohibit no-excuse early voting and require that all ballots be counted by hand no later than 24 hours after precincts close on Election Day.

However, the bill gave politicians more power over elections, allowing them to overturn election results in legislative races, as well as congressional and statewide elections.

Instead of sinking the bill unilaterally, Speaker Rusty Bowers simply sent it to each of the state House’s 12 committees, effectively obliterating the bill’s chances of passing, according to a Capitol Media Services report.


“We gave the people the power,” the Mesa Republican said to the news organization, noting that the bill had been sent to numerous committees for examination.


Despite the Republican Party’s popular endorsement of former President Donald Trump’s erroneous assertions regarding the 2020 presidential election and his own backing for Trump’s reelection bid, he expressed skepticism about the Republican-led initiative.

“Where is [the proof] for someone to claim we have plenary authority to overthrow a people’s vote for something we suspect may have happened?” Bowers inquired.


Bowers “wanted to put the wooden cross right through the middle of this thing for all to see,” according to Stan Barnes, a Republican consultant and former state politician who has known Bowers for decades.Fillmore chastised the speaker for his actions.

“He acts like he’s God,” the conservative lawmaker said, admitting that there wasn’t enough support in the 31-member House caucus to remove Bowers and replace him with a like-minded Republican at the moment.

“There are times when a large number of politicians lack the intestinal fortitude to do what is right,” Fillmore remarked.



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