Autonomous Input

1 week ago
RCG is near the bump limit and i don't want to derail shit. And before y'all reee the last pic is the likely one fucked off to the archives.Anyway, decided to make a working list and use a WLtoys A959 since it's RTR and there's a good aftermarket for when i break shit.Tbh i have decided to just make the car autonomous and run packs through it off and on so i can work out any bugs before i put blades on it.FPV cam because I've never had one. Figured i could plug it into an old phone or the tv and keep tabs on it from inside the house.The car comes with 7.4v 1100mah. I was thinking about just buying a few more of the same pack for ease of use. One for the car and one for the arduino/fpv. For now anyway.Here's the list so far. Want it mostly plug and play until i get it configured mostly how i want it.Buying most everything on this list Wednesday July 1st.

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