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Biden’s FDA Nominee Faces a Difficult Confirmation Battle.


President Joe Biden’s candidate to oversee the US Food and Drug Administration is facing a tough confirmation struggle to run the agency at the Centre of the outbreak.

Dr. Rob Califf, a prominent cardiologist, was confirmed to lead the agency by an 89-4 majority during President Barack Obama’s final year. The White House expects a close vote this time, according to multiple individuals who talked to CNN.

After months of searching for a nominee who could be confirmed by the Senate, Biden revealed in November that he had chosen Califf to lead the agency again. According to an administration official, Califf has visited with 33 senators and wants to meet with 14 more in the coming weeks. Dems and Republicans have met almost equally.

“We are optimistic Dr. Califf will be confirmed with bipartisan support,” White House spokesman Chris Meagher told CNN.But the math behind Califf’s nomination is murky.

The Republican whip, South Dakota’s John Thune, said Democrats have some defections to deal with, and while he believes Republicans can save him, some haven’t chosen yet.

“We haven’t made any official announcement, but I believe certain Republicans are willing to back him,” Thune told CNN. In light of recent discoveries regarding his pro-life views, many of our members are afraid that he may lose Republican support.

Several Democrats, notably West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, attacked Califf’s ties to the pharmaceutical business and said he wouldn’t support him again this time.

“I have made it quite clear that changing the FDA’s culture is crucial to stemming the tide of the opioid epidemic,” Manchin stated. “Pluralists in the pharmaceutical business backed Dr. Califf’s nomination, not progress. He is an insult to the numerous families and individuals whose lives have been irreparably altered by addiction.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat, supported Manchin’s request for new FDA leadership.



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