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Breach – (Cold Magic has never felt so real. W.L. Goodwaters debut Breach presents an alternate world that feels as authentic as true history even when steeped in spellcraft and magic. It reminded me of the best of Jim Butcher but charts a path all its own.–James Rollins #1 New York Times bestseller of The Demon Crown Breach is a Cold War fantasy that nails the period flavor of a divided Berlin haunted by the horrors of the past with a great cast and plenty of magic. Fans of Tim Powers Declare or Charles Stross The Atrocity Archives will like this one!–Django Wexler author of The Infernal Battalion W. L. Goodwater delivers one surprise after another in his high-octane magical spy thriller Breach. Its like Lev Grossmans The Magicians meets John Le Carrés classic The Spy Who Came in From the Cold but with more action and better one-liners. Goodwater is a kick-ass new voice in the modern-fantasy arena!–David Mack New York Times bestselling author of the Dark Arts series Breach is a galloping cutthroat thrill ride with characters you can root for even if you sometimes want to slap them.–Lara Elena Donnelly author of Amberlough With a vintage vibe and modern magic Breach is a perfectly unique spy thriller with an exceptional cast and a killer setting thats colder than the Cold War ever dreamed of being. Its one hell of a mystery yes. But its also a whole lot of fun.–Cherie Priest author of Brimstone Goodwater sprinkles powerful truths about the nature of power into this entertaining tale of magic and espionage…[a] well constructed world and thrilling vibe.–Publishers Weekly Goodwaters debut is a fantastic alternate version of the Cold War era…Magic espionage and history combine in this thrilling fast-paced fantasy.–Booklist Breach combines the magical world building of The City and the City with the suspense of Cold War thrillers like Bridge of Spies resulting in a cinematic suspense story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page.—Book Page John Le Carre mets The Magicians…Goodwater combines elements of spy noir with adult fantasy to create an entirely new magical world that remains very much grounded in our own.–Den of Geek Balancing pace character development plot points and information reveals Breach delivers a hell of a read. This spy thriller crossed with a fantasy novel brings to life the tensions surrounding the Berlin Wall…Goodwater is an author to watch.–Primmlife Breach – (Cold War Magic Novel) by