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California Residents May Receive Another Stimulus Check Due to the State’s Abundant Funds


A similar effort to last year’s is under way to transfer more stimulus money to the Golden State.

“What would you do with $45 billion?”
State senator Brian Jones voiced his thoughts on the matter.On Wednesday, Jones showed a video in which he used rice to explain the state’s financial surplus.

Using a pile of rice as a prop, Jones asserted, “If each grain of rice is worth $100,000, California’s $45 billion surplus is the result of taxes being under-collected by this amount.

He argued that each Californian should receive $1,125, or more than $4,000 for a family of four.


The Gann Limit Will Be Implemented in California

California is expected to implement the Gann Limit this year, which limits the state’s spending of tax income and gives it options for the remainder, including a refund to taxpayers.

Gov. Gavin Newsom said in his January budget proposal that the state will exceed the Gann Limit by $2.6 billion.
Jones argues that reimbursements should be issued, or what was dubbed the Golden State stimulus last year.

“I feel that any amount we can convince the state, the governor, and the Democrats in the Legislature to repay is a benefit to every Californian and every California family,” Jones said.

While Newsom did not include this type of expenditure in his state budget proposal earlier this month, he did respond to questions about a possible round of Golden State stimulus checks.



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