Can I build a 2X10 framed storage deck in my attic?

1 week ago
Can I build a 2X10 framed storage deck in my attic?

I would like to make the storage space in the attic of my 1880s home more useful without compromising the insulation. The existing joists are 2X8s, 16" on center, with about a 16' span. The joist cavity has batt insulation and is covered with 1X6 decking. An additional 10" if batt insulation is on top of the decking, which either causes me to move it (as seen below), or prevents me from walking on or using the space. I am considering building a 8' wide X 20' long deck framed with 2X10s running perpendicular to the existing joist and 1/2" OSB decking but am unsure if it is wise to add that much weight. Alternatively, I could build a smaller catwalk down the center and use 2X4 construction to build storage shelves suspended from the rafters or built up from the joists. Thanks!

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