2’x3’ Coffee Table with Box Joint Legs
Just finished the ‘Stan’s Special’. A K-tip chef’s knife I made for a good old friend. Made of a discarded carbon steel sawblade, with a handle of orange resin, green micro C-Tek, white G10 liners and white carbon pins.
How to make simple doors for about $30
Stop porch pirates from stealing your holiday deliveries
Fabricated metal wall mounts for my Monsoon PC electrostatic speakers
(Update) Decided to redo my electrical tape statement wall, and thought you all might appreciate a time lapse of my work!
Handmade Wooden Kazoo from Nick Offerman's Book
Clamp extenders, they won't take a lot of pressure, but they will hold a project together
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree: Check. From my own back yard: Check. In a stand made a stand in under 5 mins: Check!
Redid my electrical tape statement wall and figured I'd record the process this time around!
Handmade Wooden Puzzle - Klotski Sliding Toy
My homemade Macintosh SE lamp: Macky!
Carved a tiki out of a scrap log
Solid Wood Flower Boxes with Sun Inlay/Mosaic and Acrylic Liner - No paint, no stain, just wood.
Solid Wood (Poplar) Floating Shelves - Hidden Brackets
Just finished this accent wall for my son’s room! It had popcorn texture so we removed it and then created the geometric shapes with 1x2 wood strips.
Thought about how to do this fence for literally years. At first I was going to do concrete pillars and bricks, also played with the idea of vinyl. Settled on cedar, oak and fur. The driveway side is just fur wood with treated 4x4s from Home Depot. The rest is cedar posts and oak pickets.
Installing a new chandelier (rectangular type) offset from original spot
Replaced bathroom sink drain assembly but leaking from the gasket
Very gradual laundry room renovation, mostly done myself, feeling proud.
Sliding closet doors
Another project completed to give some extra protection for stray cats in Greece
Cast iron pan drawer - tired of lifting stack of pans out of cabinet
The US was already setting Covid-19 records. Experts say Thanksgiving could have made things worse.
Trump’s first interview since losing reelection was a smorgasbord of disinformation
Installing QuicTile - Floating Tile Flooring
This Murphy Bed with a DESK!
My take on a DIY dog treat advent calendar (human goodies included!)
My dad and I turned out 100+ year old Walter player piano into a bar the last two weekends.
My dad and I turned our 100+ year old Walter player piano into a bar. The before picture, having to move it around the outside of the house, and final product.
I built a ventilated, low-smoke fire pit in 3 afternoons
Ethiopia says it’s captured the capital of its rebellious Tigray region
LED House Number DIY
Fire Pit for the holidays
Magnolia’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide
DIY Wifi enabled Roller Blind Motor

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