Christmas is coming and I'd like to buy a cordless impact...

1 month ago
Christmas is coming and I'd like to buy a cordless impact driver with sockets to my father. We would use it for screws mostly and changing tires 2 times in a year on four car.I read about Cr-V or Cr-Mo alloy, someone said they are similar. Also someone recommended me the brand Tekton, but I live in Europe and I cannot find it in my country. I'd buy it through Amazon if you recommend it.I'd like to buy the socket from the best material, because we would like to reduce the amount of tools in the workshop, and we would like to buy one that last long. My grandfather - who died years ago always bought cheap tools and accessories, saved every nail and screw and we are "working" with them but one day when my father used 4 fucking tool to fix a pelmet to the wall, he got angry and swore that he reduce these tools.Thank you in adavnce

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