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CM Warns Unions Against Political Meddling in the Affairs of Their Members |New Updates!


VIJAYAWADA: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy warned employees on Sunday that political interference in employee matters would be bad for everyone. He reiterated that employees are an integral part of the government and that their welfare is paramount.

He expressed his pleasure at hearing that all of the employees are happy with the outcome while speaking to union leaders who thanked the Chief Minister for agreeing to their demands. This government is yours and you should not forget it. It is thanks to your help that I am now able to take four steps forward in my efforts to do good. Due to financial constraints, I may not be able to meet your expectations on the PRC, but I made every effort to provide you with the best pay package. “Remember that the government always stands up for its employees,” he said.

Politics should not be allowed to interfere with employee affairs, according to the Chief Minister. There is a government anomalies committee that can help employees with any issues they may have, he said.

CM Warns Unions Against Political Meddling in the Affairs of Their Members |New Updates!

Former APNGO president Chandrasekhar Reddy and Chief Secretary Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy will remain on the committee. An employee’s concerns can be addressed by informing the company of them. Remember that “any issue can be resolved through negotiations without resorting to other methods,” he said. “Never forget you’re all part of the government.” As far as Jagan is concerned, all decisions and assurances have been made to his specifications by the ministerial committee that met with union leaders.

He said, “I’m pleased that we were able to come to an agreement that meets your needs.” Exempting nine months of IR from adjustment has cost the government an additional $5,400 million. HRA, which goes into effect in January, will add an additional Rs 325 crore to the burden. A total of Rs 5,725 crore will be added to the burden. There will be an additional Rs 1,330 crore in annual HRA and additional pension costs, as well as CCA costs totaling an additional Rs 80 crore, bringing the total PRC expenditure to Rs 11,577 crore, he said.

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It cost the government an additional Rs 11,000 crore to raise salaries for Anganwadi workers, ASHA workers, home guards, sanitation workers, and time-scale for contract employees. To clarify, he said, “I’m only letting you know these numbers so you’re aware of the financial burden on the State.”

CM Warns Unions Against Political Meddling in the Affairs of Their Members |New Updates!

In 2018-19 it was estimated that the State’s revenue should have increased by 15% to Rs 72,000 crore, but instead, it dropped to Rs 60,000 crore and continued to fall in the following years. However, despite all of these constraints, the government is firmly committed to the well-being of its workers, he said, urging them not to become emotionally attached to any issues that can be resolved through discussion.

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With them were government advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, the chief secretary of India Sameer Sharma, and other senior officials. Speaking to reporters afterward, Sajjala found fault with the “baseless” comments made by Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan that the YSRC government was showing highhandedness.

When it came time to abolish the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS), Jagan promised to find a better solution so that their pensions would rise significantly. Additionally, the regularisation of contract employees based on their shift schedules will be considered as well. He stated that 30,000 teachers would be promoted as a result of their concerns.

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