Comics: Easy as ABC – by Ivan Brunetti (Paperback) Compare


Comics: Easy as ABC – by Ivan Description:

Comics: Easy as Comics: Easy As ABC! is a step-by-step-how-to covering everything from basic shapes and faces to perspective and the vocabulary of comics presented in a straightforward way that is easy to follow and engaging for kids. At the same time Françoise Mouly … and others dedicate themselves to (once again) holding up comics as a valid medium a complex and rich medium and basically a medium of book that its o.k. for kids to read . . . The message that kids love comics and kids can make comics is clear – and valid. While the pages of this book feel packed with ideas and images the progress and layout makes perfect sense for newbies and kids who have experience with drawing and sequential storytelling. Best of all Brunettis illustration style makes his lessons feel extremely doable. Getting more technical body type body language comics language point of view and perspective are tackled. At every step contributors offer words of advice encouragement and humor. – Books4YourKids Comics: Easy as ABC – by Ivan