Crab mac'n'cheese and fried chicken sandwich: Nigella Lawson's new favourite comfort food recipes

3 months ago

These recipes, from Nigella’s new book Cook, Eat, Repeat, are ones she comes back to again and again

One of the questions that’s hardest to answer about a book is, “What are your favourite recipes from it?” I’m ruthless about the recipes I include: only those I love enough to cook, with undimmed enthusiasm, on repeat make the cut. But within that, of course, there are categories of fondness, and the dishes that follow are those to which I return with greedy glee whenever I want sumptuous comfort allied with flavour for a supper that bolsters quite as much as it soothes. With thanks to Ash Sarkar and Felicity Cloake for inspiration for the fish finger bhorta and ruby noodles, respectively.

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