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Darwin – by Fabien Grolleau (Hardcover) Description:

Darwin – by Royers light-outlined naturalistic figures in a a subdued palette of natural tones fits nicely the overall subject especially in the illustrations of Darwins many collections. A soft introduction to a complex subject and man. –Booklist …imagined in ravishing colour by artist Jeremie Royer . . . Charles is visibly an eager greenhorn – ecstatic at each new exotic fossil or critter he finds his eyebrows often flung halfway up his forehead . . . The artists convey social turmoil more intriguingly than scientific discovery contrasting Edenic visions of the natural world with hellish glimpses of slavery or mirroring the extinction of ancient species with the genocide of Indigenous peoples that Darwin witnesses. –The Globe and Mail Darwin – by Fabien Grolleau (Hardcover)