Destruction in the Desert – (Unofficial Minecrafters Time Travel a) by Winter Morgan (Paperback) Coupons


Destruction in the Desert – (Unofficial Minecrafters Description:

Destruction in the What is more fun than boys and girls than playing Minecraft. Going on an amazing adventure into the game itself with bestselling author Winter Morgan! Things have started to return to normal in Bretts life and hes happily participating in a practical joke competition with Poppy and Joe. But when Joe goes missing Brett wonders if its just his next joke or something more serious. And then they discover the crater. Another portal has opened and Brett and Poppy have to jump in to find their friend. This time they are taken to a desert into a world that they believed only existed in stories to a city that is doomed. But they find Joe who is fearlessly helping them survive as an evil villain cuts off their supplies. Brett and Poppy join in teaching the residents of the city the elements of crafting potions. But even armed with this new knowledge they worry that it would be enough to save the city. Join Brett and his friends as they work to save the Desert City in the third installment of the Unofficial Minecrafters Time Travel Adventure series from bestselling author Winter Morgan! Destruction in the Desert – (Unofficial Minecrafters