Dog Who Saved Christmas Double Feature (DVD) Price


Dog Who Saved Christmas Double Feature (DVD) Description:

Dog Who Saved The Dog Who Saved Christmas: The Bannister family’s new addition Zeus (voiced by Mario Lopez) a former K-9 police hero is a less than dependable guard dog; however when two burglars (led by Dean Cain) aim to break into the family’s home while they’re away for Christmas Eve Zeus seizes his chance to be a hero again proving every dog – even this one – has his day. The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation: Zeus and the Bannister family are back for the holidays! This time the family must deal with a surprise visit from Uncle Randy (Casper Van Dien) his foxy poodle Bella (voiced by Paris Hilton) and a familiar pair ojewel thieves. Can Zeus solve a crime and save Bella all in time for Christmas Day? Gary Valentine (King of Queens) and Elisa Donovan (Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clueless) co-star in this four-legged family adventure sequel! Dog Who Saved Christmas Double Feature (DVD)