Draculas Fiancee / Lost in New York (Blu-ray) Best


Draculas Fiancee / Lost in New York Description:

Draculas Fiancee / As Eurohorror pioneer Jean Rollin (Requiem for a Vampire The Iron Rose) approached the sunset of his career he distilled the dreamlike images and themes of his work into films that were deeply personal and unapologetically cryptic. Draculas Fiancee stars Jacques Regis as a vampire hunter whose pursuit of the descendants of Count Dracula leads him to a convent (The Order of the White Virgins) where supernatural beings of a parallel world are unleashed including a bloodthirsty ogress (Magalie Aguado) a wolf-woman (Brigitte Lahaie Fascination) and a young woman who is being prepared as Draculas bride (Cyrille Iste). Also included is Lost in New York perhaps the most dreamlike of Rollins sister films a modern-day Alice in Wonderland in which two siblings explore the wastelands of Manhattan. Draculas Fiancee / Lost in New York