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Driven to Succeed – by Kendal Netmaker Description:

Driven to Succeed This is the inspiring true story of how a kid from the Rez became a business leader and successful motivational speaker. Learn to change your life for the better from someone who has done it himself — Kendal Netmaker! Wab Kinew #1 Bestselling Author of The Reason You Walk Kendal knows what it takes to be successful. He captivates the reader through his personal journey and shares valuable insight on what it takes to persevere. Michael Linklater Canadas #1 FIBA 3X3 Basketball Player An unadulterated look at the many trials and tribulations facing our Indigenous youth here in Canada. Kendals story is one of perseverance and bravery; of overcoming societal hurdles and bing the person you want to be despite the manufactured social constraints that we place upon one another. A compelling tale told with the passion and grit of a genuine artist. Truly an inspiring read. JP Gladu President and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business This inspiring and motivational book opens your mind and heart to the unlimited potential that resides within you. It can change your life! Brian Tracy Author Speaker Consultant Kendals story will inspire and motivate you to achieve your own success using his 5 steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be! Chris Widener Bestselling Author of The Art of Influence Kendal is a stellar person. Ive had the pleasure of speaking with him and I love how he remains humble and hungry to give back despite his success. Driven to Succeed is one of the best books Ive seen on how people can set goals and achieve them. Manu Goswami Canadas Top 20 Under 20 and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Be careful with this book. Kendals inspirational story of defying the odds to overcome enormous challenges will compel you to achieve more. Paul Martin Author Coach and Mentor Kendals story is most inspiring as it demonstrates his incredible perseverance through adversity. With a never quit mentality he has achieved what many only dream about. Denis Prudhomme Serial Entrepreneur and Mentor Kendals remarkable journey is peppered with personal wisdom and profound insights. His simple yet powerful formula for success makes you realize that no obstacle is too big to overcome. Allan Kehler Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker Kendal is definitely a person who shines in my eyes. Hes been through hell himself and has shown how he didnt let adversity get the best of him. I can highly attest that Kendal can help you drive to the success youve yearning for. Tofe Evans Ultra-endurance Athlete Resilience Thought Leader Bestselling Author Kendals story is a must read for all people — young and old Indigenous or not. It shows what a bit of luck lots of hard work and dedicated effort and a clear focus on the goal can mean to a person. There are few who have inspired so many others as Kendal and this book will surely add to that number. Steve McLellan CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce A book like this takes guts to write. Real vulnerable and honest to the degree that people need to hear to really understand what Kendal has overcome and how they can achieve their own greatness. A mustread for those who are looking for a little bit of inspiration and the tactics and guidance on how to get to where they want to go. Eric Termuende Bestselling Author of Rethink WorkKendals story is such an inspiration. Rising from his circumstances to build a successful company and then to teach others how to do the same for themselves…. its an awesome gift. One that will keep on giving for generations to come. Jane Atkinson Author of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 and The Epic KeynoteKendals story not only demonstrates how he harnessed his talents to turn difficult situations into inspirational outcomes but you will finish this book being inspired to do the same. His ability to overcome challenges to achieve greatness gives hope to all of us who must face difficult situations both at home and at work. Michael Salone CEO of 3-6TY and Author of Tagging for Talent: The Hidden Power of Social Recognition in the Workplace I have followed Kendals entrepreneurial adventures for many years. He is truly a role model for First Nations — and frankly all — entrepreneurs. He is on a mission to help others in life and business. This book shows you the way — the Kendal way. W. Brett Wilson Entrepreneur and Philanthropist If you think that entrepreneurship or another goal is out of your reach this inspiring book is for you. Kendal Netmaker shares his own obstacle-filled journey as well as his realistic advice on how to create your own business and achieve your dreams. Julia Deans CEO Futurpreneur Canada Having worked with a number of Indigenous communities I have seen how important it is to have role models like Kendal. It takes courage to share the personal stories of ones life. Kendals story will inspire you and show you that if you Driven to Succeed – by Kendal Netmaker