Dust Storm! – (Survivor Diaries) by Terry Lynn Johnson (Hardcover) Cheap


Dust Storm! – (Survivor Diaries) by Terry Description:

Dust Storm! – In this thrilling addition to the high-stakes Survivor Diaries series perfect for fans of the I Survived series and Hatchet a geocaching field trip goes awry when two tweens wander off into the desert of New Mexico. Stay calm. Stay smart. Survive. Stranded after a dust storm hits in a desert in New Mexico sixth-graders Jen and Martin must call upon real-life skills to come to the rescue. When disaster strikes they will have to use all their knowledge and grit to survive. With nearly twenty years of hands-on experience and training in remote areas survivalist Terry Lynn Johnson (Ice Dogs; Sled Dog School) tells a fast-paced story featuring the real skills to prepare kids for surviving a disaster. After reading this book youll be better prepared for surviving a real-life disaster. Includes wilderness-survival tips from the New Mexico Search and Rescue Council. Dust Storm! – (Survivor Diaries) by Terry