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Eat Their Lunch – by Anthony Iannarino Description:

Eat Their Lunch The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition from the author of The Only Sales Guide Youll Ever Need and The Lost Art of Closing. Most sales teams dont have the luxury of selling to fresh clients who are looking for something new. Instead they work in crowded highly competitive environments where winning means taking market share from their competitors who in turn are working to take market share from them. As a salesperson working in these competitive conditions how do you win a contract from your dream client when they seem satisfied with the service your competitor provides? Do you attempt to compete on features superior customer service or improved results? Anthony Iannarino argues that these days none of those tactics will convince your prospect to make a switch. To displace your competition you need to be your prospective clients trusted advisor by creating tangible value for them even before they decide to partner with you. In Eat Their Lunch Iannarino outlines a strategy to create that kind of value offering insights like: * Why different stakeholders in the buying process prioritize different kinds of value and why you need to tailor your value creation to each of them. * Rank your prospective clients not on the basis of their size or convenience to you but on who stands to gain the most strategic advantage from your solution. * Develop a more holistic view of the client by eliciting stakeholders individual beliefs and behaviors and the organizations collective beliefs and behaviors. The goal is to be so valuable to your dream clients that they want to hire you away– Eat Their Lunch – by Anthony Iannarino