Esports : The Ultimate Gamers Guide: the Whos Who and How-to of Esports – by Mike Stubbs (Paperback) Cheap


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Esports : The Whether you want to game like a pro or watch the high-stakes drama your entry to the pulse-pounding fast-growing world of eSports starts here. Competitive video gaming has taken the world by storm. Millions of viewers tune in across the world for matches fans fill sold-out stadiums for the biggest events and top players can make millions off a single game. Dont get left out of this global phenomenon eSports: The Ultimate Gamers Guide is an in-depth overview of professional gaming for everyone from casual gamers to hardcore fans. Learn the history rules leagues and top players of the worlds biggest competitive games including Dota 2 League of Legends Counter-Strike FIFA Call of Duty and many more. The large and rapidly changing landscape of competitive gaming can seem overwhelming but this guide will turn you into an expert. It covers everything you need to know about where to watch how to get involved and why eSports is the most exciting spectator sport around. Esports : The Ultimate Gamers Guide: the