Everybody Needs a Buddy – (Big Idea Gang) by James Preller (Paperback) Cheap


Everybody Needs a Buddy – (Big Idea Description:

Everybody Needs a The Big Idea Gang is buddying up on a new idea for a more welcoming playground in this chapter book series about making a case–and making a difference. When third-graders Deon Kym Lizzy and Connor formed the Big Idea Gang their mission was simply to oust the old mascot in favor of something cooler. But sales from the new mascot paraphernalia have led to extra cash for the PTA and you can bet this gang has big ideas about how to spend it. A playground pirate ship! An author visit! New basketball hoops! There are lots of ways they can think of to improve their school; but what about a way to make it a kinder more inclusive place? Luckily their teacher Miss Zips is skilled in the art of persuasion. Armed with Miss Zipss persuasive tips the Big Idea Gang sets out to build a case for a new-and-improved Clay Elementary and convince the rest of the school that their idea is the best. Everybody Needs a Buddy – (Big Idea