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Ex-NFL Reporter Michele Tafoya Makes Controversial Statement on Fox News |Latest News


It has been announced that long-time Sunday Night Football sideline reporter Tafoya has decided to retire from sports broadcasting. The Super Bowl in Los Angeles was her final game.

As a long-time football sideline reporter, he’s now branching out into politics. She’s going to be working on a gubernatorial campaign for Minnesota.

Tafoya came on Fox News on Wednesday night to talk about Critical Race Theory and other topics.

Tafoya’s programme is said to include a call to abolish CRT screens.

Ex-NFL Reporter Michele Tafoya Makes Controversial Statement on Fox News |Latest News

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It was a tiny African-American boy who became my son’s first best buddy. They could not be apart. It’s termed an affinity group when folks of a specific age gather for lunch and pizza with people who look like them… My children and I have been subjected to a great deal of scrutiny because of the colour of our skin at school. What use does it serve to instil in our children that the hue of their skin has? Because to me, character and morals are more important than anything else… Even if I am attacked, it makes no difference to me at all. That is something that I am not terrified of at all, despite the fact that it seems like a lot of other people are. Yeah. And I am not. Listen, I’m fully aware that whatever words I choose to utter will have consequences. The issue has been raised with the school where my children go. Don’t hold this against my children, you know. In my own name, I say this. “I speak on behalf of my loved ones.” In any case, “please don’t hold this against my kids,” she reportedly stated.

During the Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles, Tafoya’s tenure as a sideline reporter came to an end.

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