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Exclusive: Newly Obtained Records Show Trump and Jim Jordan Spoke at Length on Morning of January 6


As the investigation into the Capitol insurrection continues, the House select committee now has access to White House records that reveal new information about a phone call Donald Trump made to Republican Rep. Jim Jordan on January 6, 2021. The information comes as the committee looks into the former President’s communications that day, and as questions have long swirled around calls between him and lawmakers.

According to two sources who have studied the call records, Trump spoke on the phone with Jordan at the White House residence for ten minutes on the morning of January 6. Jordan proceeded to the House floor that afternoon to voice his opposition to the certification of President Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, while pro-Trump activists descended on the United States Capitol.


The committee’s inquiry has focused on the events leading up to the rebellion and the numerous methods in which Trump and his allies, including members of Congress, attempted to change the results of the presidential election. The committee is currently considering whether or not to issue a subpoena to Jordan after he refused to voluntarily attend for an interview. The fresh information regarding the morning phone call comes as the committee considers whether or not to issue a subpoena to Jordan.


Since admitting last summer that he had spoken to Trump on the phone that day, Jordan, an Ohio Republican and Trump supporter, has either refused to answer questions about it or provided inconsistent answers to those questions.



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