Eye Spy – (Wild Ways) by Guillaume Duprat (Hardcover) Promos


Eye Spy – (Wild Ways) by Guillaume Description:

Eye Spy – Eye-widening indeed –in design as well as topic. – Kirkus Reviews Starred Review An insightful exploration of a primary sense that varies among animals. – Publishers Weekly Starred Review A fun and fascinating look at some of natures most unique optics. – Foreword Reviews Starred Review This book is clever!! You see the eyes of different creatures and then you get to see the world the way they do. – School Library Journal Fascinating for any age. – Parents Choice An inventive look at and look through the eyes of the animal world. – Bulletin of the Center for Childrens Books Luxurious….Younger audiences will enjoy the novelty each interactive page brings; older readers will gain an understanding of various properties of vision and their importance to survival. – Booklist Thought flap-up books were just for little uns? Think again. This interactive read reveals what the world looks like through animals eyes! Eye-mazing! – National Geographic Kids Utterly fascinating! – Book Nerd Mommy The What on Earth series has be known for delivering the facts – on various subjects – in a fun informative and visually appealing way. I couldnt be more impressed. – Pocket Full of Rye An engaging look at how different animals vision functions…This is a winner and one that will always leave you and your child with new knowledge. – Glass of Wine Glass of Milk An eye-opening look at the science of vision and animal eyes. – Waking Brain Cells Not only is this attractive book fun it is informative and downright fascinating. – Reading Rockets A good deep dive into animal vision. – Kiss the Book Jr. I like this book because it shows you how animals see things. Like did you know that bees see flowers with different colors than we do? The book has different categories of animals like mammals and birds. I like how insects see because they have thousands of tiny eyes so to them everything looks like pixels. I would give this book four stars. Little kids and big kids will enjoy it. – Kids Bookbuzz reviewed by Lena Age 9 Eye Spy – (Wild Ways) by Guillaume