FIDLAR – Almost Free (CD) Reviews


FIDLAR – Almost Free (CD) Description:

FIDLAR – Almost Almost Free the new release from FIDLAR touches on many of the tragedies and irritations of modern life: existential dread gentrification the inescapable sway of the super-rich and the self-involved post-breakup telmunication performative wokeness the loneliness of sobriety or the lack thereof. But through sheer force of imagination and an unchecked joie de vivre the L.A.-based band manages to turn feeling wrong into something glorious and essential. In the age of joyless self-care Almost Free makes a brilliant case for being less careful for living without fear of ******ing up and possibly embracing any incurred damage as a lucky symptom of being alive.The album sees the band pushing boundaries into new territory and influences while staying true to their unshakable core. A lot of the vibe was Well why cant we do that? Why cant we have horns? Why cant we have key changes? Why cant we have a harmonica loop? said lead singer/guitarist Zac Carper. It was abouttaking the ceiling off. Having it be limitless. Aint no rules. Elvis added Almost Free feels like a step forward for us in a lot of ways. We tried to be true to ourselves and let the music come out naturally without fear of how people would receive it. Disc 1 1. Get Off My Rock(3:17) 2. Cant You See(2:58) 3. By Myself(3:34) 4. Flake(3:47) 5. Alcohol(3:16) 6. Almost Free(3:15) 7. Scam Likely(3:40) 8. Called You Twice(4:23) 9. Nuke(0:38) 10. Too Real(4:50) 11. Kick(3:11) 12. Thought.Mouth.(3:37) 13. Good Times Are Over(3:39) FIDLAR – Almost Free (CD)