From Here You Cant See Paris – by Michael S Sanders (Paperback) Reviews


From Here You Cant See Paris – Description:

From Here You From Here You Cant See Paris is a sweet leisurely exploration of the life of Les Arques (population 159) a hilltop village in a remote corner of France untouched by the modern era. It is a story of a dying villages struggle to survive of a dead artist whose legacy began its rebirth and of chef Jacques Ratier and his wife Noëlle whose bustling restaurant — the villages sole business — has helped ensure Les Arquess future. Sanders set out to explore the inner workings of a French restaurant kitchen but ended up stumbling into a much richer world. Through the eyes of the Sanders family one discovers the vibrant traditions of food cooking and rural living and comes to know the villages history. Whether uncovering the darker secrets of making foie gras hearing a chef confess his doubts about the Michelin star system or absorbing the lore of the land around a farmhouse kitchen table after a boar hunt life in Les Arques turns out to be anything but sleepy. From Here You Cant See Paris –