Gracies Secret – by Jill Childs (Paperback) Price


Gracies Secret – by Jill Childs (Paperback) Description:

Gracies Secret – My dearest daughter I will never forget the day I nearly lost you. The day you learned the secrets that would tear our lives apart… Time stops for Jen when her beloved daughter Gracie is involved in a terrible car crash. After the little girl is pronounced dead at the scene its a miracle when paramedics manage to then resuscitate her. The relief Jen feels at Gracies recovery is matched only by her fury at the driver of the car-her ex-husbands new girlfriend Ella. Jen has never trusted Ella and now her worst fears have been confirmed. But then Gracie begins to tell strange stories about what she heard in the car that day and what she saw in those moments near death. Its clear that theres something shocking hidden in Ellas past…but exposing it could tear all their lives apart. An emotional page-turner that will take your breath away. Perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult Diane Chamberlain and Kerry Fisher. Gracies Secret – by Jill Childs (Paperback)