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Gut Health Diet The growing body of research on gut health is an asset to health practitioners but it can be intimidating and overwhelming if you are trying to create a gut-healthy diet. I have worked with Kitty Martone on multiple Body Ecology Diet projects. She has an incredible ability to make topics personal and she guides and teaches with ease. Her book Gut Health Diet for Beginners embodies every one of these qualities. She takes the complexity out of the incredibly daunting subject of the microbiome and helps set you up for success on your journey to a healthier life.–Donna Gates M.Ed. ABAAHP world-renowned authority in the field of digestive health diet and nutrition; and internationally bestselling author of The Body Ecology Diet and The Baby Boomer Diet: Anti-Aging Wisdom For Every Generation In Gut Health Diet for Beginners Kitty Martone offers a kinder solution to gut health. With a gentle and easy to follow 7-day diet transition simple and delicious recipes and advice about creating ongoing gut health as your microbiome heals Martone offers a cogent argument that many health issues begin in the gut and she provides a comprehensive plan for true healing.–Karen Frazier author of The Quick and Easy IBS Relief Cookbook If youre searching for help with digestive issues look no further than Kitty Martones wonderfully simple and easy to understand Gut Health Diet for Beginners. Kitty writes with the authority of someone who knows her stuff and the compassion of someone whos personally been through it. This book is packed with helpful actionable information and is replete with tips on foods to eat kitchen equipment to have handy meal plans and shopping lists. Best of all its loaded with lots of delicious recipes that even the most kitchen-phobic bachelor can make without breaking the bank.–Benjamin Fuchs registered pharmacist and nutritionist and host of the nationally syndicated radio program Bright Side with Ben In a society focused on outcomes and results its refreshing to see a diet that finally focuses on improving the health of the gut microbiome. Gut Health Diet for Beginners provides a simple yet comprehensive explanation of the relationship between the microbiome and overall health. Packed with 75 recipes practical meal plans and other useful tips and tricks this resource can help you kick your health into first gear by resetting your gut and boosting digestive health in as little as seven days.–Kiran Krishnan Research Microbiologist Gut Health Diet for Beginners – by