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HBR Guide for Women at Work (HBR Description:

HBR Guide for Make your career what you want it to be. Women regularly face unfair challenges in the workplace–from being passed over for promotion to being ignored in conversation. Unconscious bias and negative assumptions are working against them. As a woman how can you break through these barriers and get what you want from your career? The HBR Guide for Women at Work will help you identify and overcome the factors that are holding you back. It provides practical tips and advice so you can face gender stereotypes head-on make yourself visible when opportunities arise and demonstrate your leadership skills. Youll learn to: Speak up in meetings in a way that ensures your ideas will be heard Wield influence by building the right relationships Advocate for yourself–and for what you want Align yourself with mentors and sponsors to support your growth Show passion without being perceived as too emotional Create your unique vision as a leader HBR Guide for Women at Work (HBR