Help and advice: 2m high freestanding shelf over door in UK rental

1 month ago
 2m high freestanding shelf over door in UK rental

I am trying to use the space from high ceilings in my flat and I am not allowed drill into the walls.

I hope the picture illustrates what I'm trying to do. Currently this is entirely free standing and made from 2 seperate 2m tall dowell legs over which another piece of dowell lays. I then cut some 21mm hardwood shelves which just fit from wall to wall. As you can see they are supported on the left by the dowel legs and on the right by the doorframe making my shelf/mini-attic. This is in a small hallway with 4 doors, one of the doors opens directly underneith. The doorframe is nice and thick and sems very solid.

Currently this is a little too freestanding, there are no screws or glue holding it together butthat is just temporary. I plan on replacing the dowell with 2x4 or 1x2 instead of dowel and making a freestanding stud wall on the left to give stability to the legs as currently the legs could be kicked out accidentally. so I need to join them on the bottom also.

My plan was also to extend posts horizontally to match the dimensions of the room meaning the structure can't tilt or twist. These posts would have to be at the 2m high mark as otherwise I cant open my doors. My idea is to give it stability by making sure it always has a wall to lean on keeping all the weight on the legs. Th

Would like to hear criticism of this plan in general, what am I doing wrong? I am also thinking of extending this a bit into my living room so that I can hang tools and shelves from the stud wall part.

Also along with general comments.

1, 2x4 or 2x1 for the planned stud wall?

2, should plywood be good enough for the shelving part, this is mostly for storing empty boxes. The hardwood was heavier than I expected.

3, when I try to google examples of what I am trying, are there any good key words. I have been trying things like "freestanding shelf rental" etc..

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