How Things Work: Then and Now – by T J Resler (Hardcover) Discounts


How Things Work: Then and Now – Description:

How Things Work: Travel back in time and into the not-so-distant future to dissect explore and discover how all kinds of things do what they do! Along the way youll learn why cotton candy is so fluffy how scientists built a space suit for Mars and what goes into animating your favorite cartoons. Look inside take it apart turn it over and figure out how things work! Quippy descriptions full-color diagrams and brilliant photographs make even the most intimidating subjects completely accessible–and totally fun! (Were looking at you space robots.) For every explanation we touch on basic principles and then dive deeper. Just want to know what terraforming is? Weve got you covered. Want to know how to terraform say Mars? Well explain that too. But this book isnt just for explaining things. Well also introduce you to the dreamers scientists and innovators who create this amazing stuff. Youll meet a NASA engineer an underwater archaeologist and a chocolate scientist. Youll learn what its like to fly a plane into the eye of a hurricane–on purpose. Following on the success of National Geographics How Things Work and How Things Work: Inside Out How Things Work: Then and Now tackles a whole new batch of extraordinary and everyday things–from man-made to natural historic to futuristic. How Things Work: Then and Now –