How to Land a Plane – by Mark Vanhoenacker (Hardcover) Top


How to Land a Plane – by Description:

How to Land The Daily Mail and The Spectator Book of the Year 2017 A Points Guy Best Travel Book of 2019 A good choice for anyone whos fantasized about suddenly having to get an aircraft safely down on the ground . . . walks you through some of the basics of flight and landing from how to recognize a cluster of instruments known as the six pack to knowing what purpose the PAPI lights near the runway serve.–Popular Science A work of humorous and outright poetic travel geekery.–National Geographic Traveler Charming and chuckle-filled this little primer explains much of what goes into the act of flying–from takeoff to touchdown.–Air and Space Smithsonian Simple enjoyable and the book makes for a quick read. Who knows? Maybe youll inspire a future pilot with this gift.–The Points Guy With a unique wit and immense expertise Vanhoenacker illuminates the mysteries of flight in a straightforward manner that even beginners can enjoy. . . . Readers will feel like they are in the captains seat as the author . . . does an excellent job of making air-travel accessible and enjoyable.–Hook magazine A remarkably good idea . . . illuminates the practical reality of piloting in a concise and useful manner.–Times Literary Supplement Perfect inflight reading . . . brilliant.–The Sunday Times Explains simply and clearly the abiding mysteries of flight.–Daily Mail How to Land a Plane – by