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Hunting Annabelle – by Wendy Heard (Paperback) Description:

Hunting Annabelle – A fabulously twisted book to read any time youre in the mood for something clever and creepy. – Karen McManus New York Times bestselling author of One of Us Is Lying The crushingly lonely Sean who narrates is a most unusual and very conflicted antihero. Heard challenges readers to empathize with him despite his horrific past and the blazing narrative gleefully subverts a few horror/thriller tropes…. Theres an undercurrent of low menace that builds to a nearly unbearable crescendo in the last act. In less capable hands the delightfully dark twist and final denouement might not work but Heard pulls it off. A diabolically plotted creep show from a writer to watch. -Kirkus This dark gritty thriller keeps the pages turning making this a solid pick for readers who enjoy a trip through an unstable mind such as in Caroline Kepness You. -Library Journal Dynamic compelling and totally twisted Hunting Annabelle blew me away. Im still reeling. What a mind Wendy Heard has. What a debut! -New York Times Bestselling Author J.T. Ellison Hunting Annabelle delivers the goods! This dark thriller takes you inside the tortured mind of a young man who has killed before – and fears he will kill again. When a woman crosses his path and then goes missing anything seems possible. But what really happened to Annabelle? Pages fly right up to a final heart-stopping turn. Wendy Heard proves herself a writer to watch! -Wendy Walker bestselling author of All is Not Forgotten and Emma in the Night With a protagonist youll almost hate to love and more twists than a foot-long corkscrew Hunting Annabelle is a compulsive deliciously addictive psychological thriller that pulls you in from the first page and doesnt let go until youve reached the shocking end. A must read! – Hannah Mary McKinnon author of The Neighbors Is Hunting Annabelle an unconventional romance a creepy psychodrama or a detective story about a good kid stuck in a bad situation? I devoured this thrilling debut in one sitting to find out and it took me on a wild twisty ride until the very last page. -Amy Gentry author of Good as Gone Wendy Heards Hunting Annabelle is the best kind of psychological thriller-dark and twisted with a generous side of creepy. I had no idea where this story was going only that I was rooting for Sean the tortured hero whose search for Annabelle means releasing his own inner demons. Gritty intense and 100percent surprising Hunting Annabelle is one hell of a wild ride. -Kimberley Belle bestselling author of Three Days Missing and The Marriage Lie Wendy Heards Hunting Annabelle is a twisted roller coaster of a ride with an utterly unique fascinating narrator. You wont want to miss this genre-bending thriller. -Heather Gudenkauf New York Times bestselling author of The Weight of Silence and Not a Sound Gritty intense and full of multi-dimensional characters that will keep you guessing until the end Hunting Annabelle is a must-read psychological thriller. Readers of Gillian Flynn and Caroline Kepnes will adore Wendy Heard! -Meghan OFlynn author of the Ash Park series Hunting Annabelle – by Wendy Heard (Paperback)