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“I’m Going to Grow My Beard Until All the J6ers Are Free,” Says a Suspected Capitol Rioter Who Is Accused of Putting His Foot on Pelosi’s Desk.


On 6 January 2021, the suspect Capitol rioter who was seen with his feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk stated in court that he will not remove his facial hair until all suspected rioters are released.

Richard Barnett, who was released on bail, barely appeared for a status hearing on Tuesday when he announced his protest.
At his Arkansas home, the 61-year-old has been ordered to wear a GPS monitor.

“I’m not shaving it until the J6ers are released,” Mr Barnett reportedly told US district court judge Christopher Cooper on Tuesday.

His statements appeared to be a reference to Republican and right-wing requests for the release of hundreds of 6 January suspects (or “J6ers”).

This includes Donald Trump, who has referred to rioters as “patriots” and stated at a rally in Conroe, Texas, on Saturday that if reelected, he will pardon all those charged with rebellion.

Additionally, “Justice for Jan6” events have been held, most notably last month on the anniversary of the Capitol rioting.


Five individuals were killed and dozens of law enforcement officers were injured in an attempt that day to overturn the 2020 election results.

Mr Barnett’s remarks on Tuesday came in response to judge Cooper’s statement about the defendant’s beard being longer than usual, according to Law&Crime.

While no other information about the hearing was available, KNWA News stated that his attorney requested additional time to prepare their case.

“It’s going to take some time,” attorney Joseph Daniel McBride contended.
“It is, to put it mildly, substantial.”

Prosecutors stated that great progress had been made in assembling evidence against Mr Barnett, who might face trial in September.

According to reports, Mr McBridge has requested that a trial date not be set until he has completed preparations, and a subsequent hearing is scheduled for April.




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