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India-US Ties Deteriorated Under Joe Biden, According to an Indian-American Former National Security Adviser to Trump |Latest News


According to Indian-American Kash Patel, who served as chief of staff to the acting United States Secretary of Defense during the final weeks of the previous Trump government, the US-India relationship weakened under the Biden administration. Patel told PTI that there is a strong chance that former President Donald Trump will seek re-election in 2024.

Observing that the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated since American soldiers withdrew, the former Pentagon chief of staff stated that the US will be forced to send troops on the ground in 18 months.

In the midst of the Ukrainian crisis, the United States requires strong leadership, which current Vice President Joe Biden has tragically failed to provide, Patel stated.

“From a national security standpoint, it takes a strong position of leadership to take those (punitive steps). “We just do not have that,” he explained. Patel, a Gujarat native, made headlines earlier this month when he appeared on Epoch Times TV to do an interview with Trump. While Patel did not inquire about his former boss’s 2024 presidential candidacy, he believes he is on the verge of doing so.

India-US Ties Deteriorated Under Joe Biden, According to an Indian-American Former National Security Adviser to Trump |Latest News

“I did not inquire as to whether he intended to run again in 2024. However, I believe that is a reasonable chance,” he stated. According to Patel, Trump is adamant that the country requires a change in leadership and that leadership must be strong. “Unfortunately, from the Afghan evacuation debacle under President Biden to the rising of China and Russia, and now to the Ukrainian scenario, I believe it demonstrates how much credibility the American national security system has lost on the world stage.

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“That is because I feel there has been a shift in priorities… a striking difference between when President Trump was in office and now with Vice President Biden,” he told PTI. “They are more concerned with the politicization of the national security system and less concerned with the objective than with headlines and the mainstream media.” And it is precisely what we were always focused on under President Trump, with a mission-oriented approach. That is the primary distinction,” Patel stated. Patel stated in response to a question that the situation in Afghanistan had deteriorated recently.

“Unfortunately, I believe that conventional forces will return to Afghanistan within the next 18 months or so. That is because I feel that ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban are on the upswing. That is not only bad for America; it is also bad for the world’s security,” he stated. Afghanistan’s situation is deteriorating, and Russia and China have entered to exploit Afghanistan’s natural wealth for their own interests, which is another national security issue that the Biden administration has accepted and is not countering, he said.

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Noting that China’s growth is very comparable to how Russian President Vladimir Putin conducts himself on the international scene, he stated that what Putin is doing in Ukraine, Chinese President Xi Jinping is doing in Taiwan. Xi is employing propaganda machines on the global stage to establish supremacy over American national security interests and priorities, he warned.

India-US Ties Deteriorated Under Joe Biden, According to an Indian-American Former National Security Adviser to Trump |Latest News

“We are barely scratching the surface of the Biden family’s financial interests, not just in Ukraine, but also in China. And, sadly, I believe that nobody is focusing on that,” he remarked. Patel, who attended Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s September 2019 and February 2020 rallies in Houston and Ahmedabad, respectively, stated that the bilateral relationship deteriorated during the Biden administration. “The friendship has deteriorated,” he explained to PTI.

“President Trump and Prime Minister Modi enjoyed an outstanding and mutually respectful connection. And they were collaborating to combat Chinese aggression, not only on the Indian border but on a global scale. They were also collaborating to address issues in Pakistan related to counterterrorism and hostage situations,” Patel explained. The two presidents recognized that not only a strong relationship was mutually beneficial, but also enabled economies of scale to be established in India and America, Patel remarked.

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