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Inheritance – by Dani Shapiro (Hardcover) Description:

Inheritance – by New York Times Editors Choice A Washington Post Vulture Bustle Real Simple PopSugar and LitHub Most Anticipated Book of 2019 [An] engrossing compassionate memoir…. As in the best writing on the self the point is the integrity of her search. –Alexandra Schwartz The New Yorker The writing is that of a true storyteller who will not stop until she has bored down to the bottom of where she came from and in this she is at her narrative best. –Oprah Magazine As compulsively readable as a mystery novel while exploring the deeper mysteries of identity and family and truth itself… a story told with great insight and honesty and heart. –San Francisco Chronicle A meditation on what it means to live in a time when secrecy anonymity and mystery are vanishing. –The New Yorker Shapiro is skilled at spinning her personal explorations into narrative gold. –NPR [A] swift moving narrative of profound personal disorientation. Just as you think youve crested the big reveal Shapiro builds more tension chapter by short chapter; she keeps you close as she feels her way through unfamiliar terrain. –Newsday Inheritance zooms in on the blind spots that result when reproductive technology outpaces an understanding of its consequences. In viewing this important and timely topic through a highly personal lens Inheritance succeeds admirably. –The Seattle Times Inheritance offers a thought-provoking look at the shifting landscape of identity. –The Washington Post [Shapiro] has an intimate ruminating style leaping associatively through time addressing the reader not as an audience or voyeur but more as an interlocutor thoughtfully answering the questions she thinks someone might ask if they lived in her head. –Bookforum Inheritance is dedicated to my father. That [Shapiro] doesnt say which one speaks volumes: those who like to insist that blood is always thicker than water should read her book and let their own hearts slowly and gently expand. –The Guardian Shapiro [writes]… this spare lyrical story shattering the polished portrait of her life and piecing the fragments carefully gorgeously back together. –Vulture Inheritance explores Shapiros identity in relationship to her memory family history biology and experience. And it essentially asks the question: What makes us who we are? Its brilliant. –Goop Smart psychologically astute and not afraid to tell it like it is. –USA Today A poignant examination of identity and what happens when ones wholeness and understanding of who they are is completely uprooted. –Marie Claire Its a cautionary tale about a brave new world of technology that erases privacy and a story about one of the oldest themes of human narrative: finding oneself. –Miami Herald Written with generosity and honesty Inheritance takes the modern phenomenon of casual DNA testing and builds a deeply personal narrative around it. The result is a vital necessary read from a talented author. –Paste Magazine Shapiro [writes] this spare lyrical story shattering the polished portrait of her life and piecing the fragments carefully gorgeously back together. –Bitch Magazine A fascinating pertinent look into the murky world of medical ethics as well as the kind of profound insightful look into the meaning of love and connection that weve come to expect from Shapiro. –Nylon A remarkable dogged emotional journey as Shapiro digs into the past to find the truth. –Boston Herald Inheritance reads like an introspective mystery as Shapiro sorts facts from fiction. –Elle In Inheritance Shapiro movingly reckons with identity and family secrets. –Real Simple Inheritance adds significantly to Shapiros body of work while plugging into some of our cultures most pressing concerns–identity technology and medical ethics among others. Although her story is unique to her it offers a way of thinking about our changing uncertain times. –The Florida Times Union Inheritance is both thrilling and fascinating–a nonfiction book that reads like a novel. –Pop Sugar Shapiro unpacks a beautiful and heartbreaking narrative of paternity genetics and family. –Lit Hub As Shapiro deftly navigates the emotional story of her own origins she also spins her grief shock and introspection into a compelling narrative that you wont be able to put down. –Book Riot[Shapiros] magnificent journey of selfhood arduous and awakening makes our communal reflection in the mirror deeper and continually delving. –Jamie Lee Curtis Inheritance is Dani Shapiro at her best: a gripping genetic detective story and a meditation on the meaning of parenthood and family. –Jennifer Egan Reads like a beautiful lived novel moving and personal and true. –Meg Wolitzer A compulsively-readable investigation into selfhood that burrows to the heart of what it means to accept to love and to belong. –Anthony Doerr In her searing story Dani Shapiro Inheritance – by Dani Shapiro (Hardcover)