Instant Journal – by Mia Nolting (Paperback) Reviews


Instant Journal – by Mia Nolting (Paperback) Description:

Instant Journal – No time to keep a journal (let alone a bullet journal)? This simple clever book is the answer. The benefits of journaling are widely known–giving us greater clarity and focus and allowing us to record the fleeting moments of our daily lives. But the sad truth is that many of us are too busy or stressed to keep a journal in the first place. Finally help is on the way. Instant Journal is illustrator Mia Noltings five-minute solution for anyone who wants to keep track of their emotions productivity goals social life and more. Its filled with hand-lettered checklists pie charts and other tools designed to help you make note of your daily experiences–one two-page spread per week plus a second spread each week for free-form note-taking. If the prospect of bullet-journaling from scratch makes you want to run and hide Instant Journal offers a simpler way to stay connected to what matters most–and have fun as you make each page your own. Instant Journal – by Mia Nolting (Paperback)